Colorado Berry Alpaca Gloves

Vendor: Shupaca



Classic yet trendy, chunky yet chic, these gloves make great casual, everyday gloves for comfort and style, plus your fingers are free for working. Expect incredible warmth and softness, courtesy of Alpaca wool.

  • Material:  100% Baby Alpaca 
  • Size: One Size, Fits Most 
  • Maintenance & Care: Dry clean only 

Alpaca wool is a natural, soft, hypoallergenic & sustainable material coming from the yearly shear of the eco-friendly Alpaca.



Upholding this ancient tradition in fashion while injecting creative contemporary details, Shupaca works with South American artisans and their families to ensure products that exude indigenous quality while remaining fashionably relevant to the here and now. All products are hand woven on wood looms using the same methods that have been practiced for hundreds of years.


 Fairly Traded

 Handmade Product

 Ethical & Sustainable Fashion