Gourmet Salt Tasting Kit 3.0

Vendor: Compania de Sales


$10.00 $15.00
Set of 3 Mexican gourmet salts 
Choose your own favorite style:
1 Agave worm & Mexican Pepperleaf SeaSalt (10 gr tube)
1 Chicatana Ant & Cardamom Sea Salt (10 gr tube)
1 Grasshopper & Ginger Sea Salt (10 gr tube)
1 Habanero & Orange Sea Salt (10 gr tube)
1 Spearmint & Citrus Sea Salt (10 gr tube)
1 Epazote & Jalapeno Sea Salt (10 gr tube)
1 Mexican Pepperleaf & Lime (10 gr tube)
1 Charred Corn & Lime Sea Salt (10 gr tube)

Shelf life: 3 yr

Compania de Sales collection is inspired in pre-Hispanic ingredients and "herbolaria" culture, in which herbs, besides adding deep flavors and aromas to our cuisine, are the foundation of Mexico's traditional medicinal heritage.



 Edible insects are a sustainable food source

 This product promotes the preservation of pre-Hispanic ingredients