Heart Charm & Necklace

Vendor: Andrée Chénier



Simple heart necklace from my sterling silver charms collection. This piece was first sculpted by hand in Toronto, Canada. 

This handmade heart necklace is a little different than your average heart jewelry. It is asymmetrical and has a silhouette that closely resembles an anatomical heart than your everyday cute heart pendant. 

Cast from solid sterling silver, this pendant is three dimensional with a pillowed shape, giving it some substance. It is available with or without a sterling silver 18-in rolo chain.

  • Handcrafted
  • Sterling silver
**Each sterling silver and gold pieces are hand fabricated or cast from hand sculpted pieces and items made using metals like stainless steel or plastics are 3D printed.


Meet the Maker

The wonders of nature are the inspiration for Andrée Chénier's pieces. The desire to keep nature’s mementos close at hand and capture that feeling is what drives her studio practice.  She designs each piece using different techniques such as hand fabrication, casting, and 3D printing.


 Made from Recycled Materials

 Proudly Canadian