Roasted Cacao Beans - 200 g

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Our unique blend of horizontally traded cacao beans, freshly roasted. Roasted cacao beans make a delicious and healthy snack.


Cacao beans are high in antioxidants and other medicinal components that contribute to good heart, body and mind while helping to clean the blood. Cacao truly is the food of the gods. Not only does cacao have antioxidants, it also contains protein and essential minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc and the healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fats to help clean the arteries and provide good building blocks for body and brain.


Cacao is a versatile spice so bake it, sprinkle it, blend it, snack it, spice it, eat it, feel it and enjoy it!


Chocosol cacao is horizontally traded between farmers and distributors so that chocolate remains a symbolic product, not a commodity, this horizontal trade relationships with go beyond the mere exchange of commodities and extends to the exchange of reciprocity, best practices, social enterprise models, forest garden re-generation and friendship. All cacao used in Chocosol is organically and shade-grown, sourced directly from Indigenous communities and forest gardens in the Lacondon Jungle of Chiapas, Mexico and the Oaxacan mountains of Southern Mexico.


 100% Handmade

 This product promotes an ecological food system and it is wrapped in compostable and reusable packaging

 This product remains true to culinary traditions and promotes inter-cultural relationships