Roasted Oaxacan Coffee - 1 lb

Vendor: Chocosol



Chocosol makes a delicious, full-bodied cup of coffee with rich flavours and low acidity. Try this tasty coffee on its own or in a delicious chocolate 


Chocosol coffee is shade-grown from three communities in Oaxaca, Mexico: the Tierra Blanca, Xanica, and Zacatepec communities. This coffee is direct-trade, meaning there is a reciprocal and communal relationship with the producers to ensure ecologically sustainable and ethical practices throughout the coffee supply chain. Above Fairtrade prices have been paid and an equitable wage goes directly to the producers and their communities. Through direct coffeep urchasing, ChocoSol directly supports approximately 200 families across the three communities.


 100% Handmade

 This product promotes an ecological food system and it is wrapped in compostable and reusable packaging

 This product remains true to culinary traditions and promotes inter-cultural relationships