Twig Link Bracelet

Vendor: Andrée Chénier



This sterling silver bracelet is inspired by twigs and has an organic feel to it. Each link measures about 1" long and no two are the same. The length of the bracelet is measured from the tip of the lobster clasp to the end of the last twig link, after which there is an inch of circle chain added in case you'd like to wear it longer.

  • Handcrafted
  • Recycled Materials - Argentium sterling silver made from recycled materials. A type of sterling silver that has a higher percentage of fine silver.

**Each sterling silver and gold pieces are hand fabricated or cast from hand sculpted pieces and items made using metals like stainless steel or plastics are 3D printed.


Meet the Maker

The wonders of nature are the inspiration for Andrée Chénier's pieces. The desire to keep nature’s mementos close at hand and capture that feeling is what drives her studio practice.  She designs each piece using different techniques such as hand fabrication, casting, and 3D printing.


 Made from Recycled Materials

 Proudly Canadian